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15th edition of the The Black Box ITDF will be held on five separate dates in the period June 29 - July 21. Contemporary dance and theatre performances from Italy, Austria, Slovenia, Czech Republic and Bulgaria will be presented.

The international selection of the festival includes Human Capital - the latest production of the Italian Kinesis Contemporary Dance Company that will be performed on June 29 at Plovdiv Drama Theatre.  Based in Florence, Kinesis CDC started in 2012 from the idea of Angelo Egarese and Elena Salvestrini. Human Capital is searching for an answer to what is happening when we stop, while the world keeps spinning frantically and we find ourselves in a spiral of thoughts that make the certainties built on models imposed by society fall. The guest performance is supported by the Italian Cultural Institute in Bulgaria.


On July 3 Enya Belak and Flota Institute from Slovenia will present Blue Ink .  The performance addresses the topic of borders; spatial, physical and personal. It focuses on the bureaucratic complications that shape the human present. Enya is a London-based filmmaker, choreographer and artist. She has been awarded The Ksenija Hribar, Award for a perspective dancer, and Golden insignia of Meta Vidmar, award by Cultural Association of Slovenia for her extraordinary commitment to Contemporary Dance.  Flota Institute was established in 2001 by the dancer and choreographer Matjaž Farič. Since 2006 Flota has organized the Front@ Contemporary Dance Festival.


On July 19 all female trio Holektiv –  "one of the most interesting and promising new talents of the Czech Republic non verbal scene" will present their newest outdoor show AVIATRICES , which brings you in the atmosphere of the first airplanes.  In 2020, the Aviatrices was included in the prestigious international project Roundabout Europe. Founded in 2015  Holektiv combines and connects genres such as physical theatre, dance and contemporary circus. 


On July 21  Editta Braun Company will show its work Paula. Editta Braun, is a choreographer with an expressive theatrical style. She is a pioneer of contemporary dance in Austria. She was awarded the International Price for Art and Culture by the City of Salzburg in 2014. Paula is inspired by Marlen Haushofer's „Die Wand“ and Sten Nadolny's „Ein Gott der Frechheit“. The choreography immerges a woman into a world of absolute solation, captured with herself, in a struggle against loneliness.

The guest performance is supported by the Austrian Embassy in Bulgaria.

Bulgarian participation in The Black Box festival is the impressive theatre performance The Bowler Hat based on the novel by Yordan Radichkov, directed by Katya Petrova, and produced by State Puppet Theatre Plovdiv. The great novel by world famous Bulgarian writer is on stage for the first time. "To create a performance based on the novel "The Bowler Hat" is a challenge and an opportunity to enter the universe that is Yordan Radichkov, a reflection of time itself."

The Black Box International Theatre and Dance festival is implemented with the support of the Municipality of Plovdiv as part of the Cultural Calendar of the city for 2021.

Partners of the 15th festival edition are the Municipality of Plovdiv, the Ministry of Culture, the Italian Cultural Institute, the Embassy of Austria in Sofia, KCM 2000 AD, Plovdiv Drama Theatre, the State Puppet Theater - Plovdiv.

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