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May 30 /Monday/, 7:30 pm

Ancient Theatre Plovdiv

The Bell

Monoperformance by Deyan Donkov - Bulgaria 

based on the novel by Nedyalko Slavov

Directing, dramaturgy, and performance: Deyan Donkov

Set design: Nikola Toromanov - Ficho

Music: Petya Dimanova

Live music: Karandila Orchestra

Choreography: Deyan Georgiev

Photo and video: Stefan N. Shcherev

Video images, 3D mapping, and design: Mario Stoyanov



The Bell is production of  ​​"11" Ltd. and part of the Legacy Programme of Plovdiv - European Capital of Culture 2019.


This is the confession of a murderer who felt catharsis through the Faith. To save the Bell, Veno is ready to defend it with his life.



The madman said in his heart, "There is no God." Men have become corrupt, and have committed heinous crimes; there is no one to do good.'

'... Man is the only grinning mortal on this earth, but when he is free - he prays that his days will be endless, and when he is in the cell - it is nothing but a blink.


I saw that in that silence. The two most important things in the world. Freedom and Love. They were the only reason to postpone the end. Only for them this agony - Life! - was worth it...'


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