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June 5 (Wednesday), 7 pm, Cultural Centre Trakart


The Masters - Israel


Director: Masha Nemirovsky

Composer: Anna Segal

Puppet designer: Maria Gurevich


A composer and a puppet maker, each one a master of their craft, meet around a grand piano.

Under the composer’s fingers, melodies— both nostalgic and humorous emerge. And before our eyes, the puppet maker begins to conjure living beings from simple materials. Her creations play out their stories in harmony with the music. These stories, short and sometimes absurd, are the invention of a third master: the director. 

The piano becomes a stage for a touching and funny spectacle.

Director with long and rich carrier, Maria Nemirovsky is laureate of Jerusalem Prize for Theatre - 2002.

Composer: Anna Segal is a member of ACUM and The Israel Composers League (ICL). She is a recipient of the America-Israel Cultural Foundation Scholarship.

Her works are regularly performed by many orchestras, ensembles and soloists: Berliner Symphoniker, London Mozart Players Orchestra, Ukraine National Philharmonic Orchestra, The Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra, Irkutsk Philharmonic Orchestra, Daego Chamber Orchestra (Korea), Armenian Philharmonic Orchestra, The Raanana Symphonette, The Israel Stage Orchestra and Baskent Chamber Orchestra in Turkey – among others.

Puppet designer Maria Gurevich is best known for her TV puppets work which has won her acclaim in Europe, the United States and Japan.

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