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Shoot to still Netherlands 2.JPG


July 9, 7 pm,

State Puppet Theatre Plovdiv

Shoot To Still

aNorange Collective


Direction and Choreography:

Iris Boer and Sebastian Pickering Pedersen

Photos: : Anna Fransen, Christoffer Breckne

A picture of a man and a woman at the dinner table. A moment frozen in time with everything but the image itself left to the imagination. Through a play of timing, speed, repetition and alteration of details, aNorange collective brings to life a series of photographs creating a live, absurd photo album, aiming to trigger the personal imagination and associations of the audience. "Shoot to Still" is a result of aNorange Collective's ongoing movement research concerning still images in movement and choreography.


aNorange Collective is the artistic collaboration between dancers/choreographers Iris Boer (NL) and Sebastian Pickering (DK/CAN). Taking inspiration from the world of photography, their current choreographic approach is based on using still images within stage performance and movement creation. The two performers of aNorange, who equally share the responsibility of creating/choreographing, find a common ground in a love-hate relationship to the concept of "dancing" - the struggle of wanting to move and make physically impressive dance pieces, while maintaining a strong conceptual and intellectual base.

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