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June 4 /Saturday/, 7 pm

Plovdiv Drama Theatre - Chamber Hall

In Touch

PUC - Pop Up Collective - Austria

music: Adrián Artacho

dance, choreography: Eszter Petrany, Maria Shurkhal

production: PUC- Pop Up Collective 

premiere date: 24.03.2021 at Kulturhaus Brotfabrik (without audience due to covid regulations)

funding partners: Stadt Wien Kultur (MA7)




This guest visit is supported by Embassy of Austria in Bulgaria.

PUC is a young interdisciplinary collective that unites artists of different fields to create performative, educational, and community projects. We started to work together in 2018 on the piece dedicated to Bauhaus heritage and continued developing projects together ever since. Our goal is to make PUC a welcoming and sustainable platform where artists could meet and create together beyond disciplines, traditional modes of production, and established aesthetics. 


‘In Touch’ is an experimental piece that reinterprets the materiality of physical contact using sound. Based on recognizable everyday noises of touch, the piece explores collective sensory experiences and plays with the audience's expectations. Using their skin as a means of communication, the performers from PUC explore alternative worlds of the senses that unfold with the music. The movements of the dancers are linked to sound events. This often results in unexpected and therefore surreal combinations of action and sound. The visual effect is sometimes reinforced, sometimes reduced, or even contradicted by the auditory element.

The piece is created in dealing with the global lack of human contact during the pandemic and thus emphasizes the importance of physical and social closeness.

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