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May 31 /Tuesday/, 7 pm

Plovdiv Drama Theatre - Chamber Hall

Lo invisible

No bautizados company - Spain

dance, choreography: Katia Humenyuk and Rolando Salame

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Katia Humenyuk and Rolando Salame founded No bautizados company in 2018 to investigate different scenic languages for the creation of dance pieces that talk about important issues and create opportunities for discussion they feel are relevant to the present moment. Their work integrates contemporary dance to an essentially theatrical staging in the sense of physically embodying emotions, sensations, experiences and ultimately a story. Through movement and a specific corporeal grammar, the company attempt to reveal the nature of things, as if from a garden made up by an expert hand, we extract its wild, primal nature. They are inspired by different arts such as painting, sculpture and poetry, and also life itself, the everyday, 


No bautizados company performed in Europe at festivals such as Cadiz en Danza, LEC 2019, Gatadans Itinerant Festival, Cuerpo Romo Conde Duque, FITEC, SoloDos Danza, 33° Certamen Coreografico de Madrid, Festival DZM, The company won the first place at the International Bionic Contemporary Dance Festival and first award in Danza en el Camino at Burgos – Nueva York Festival 2020.

They also collaborated  as choreographers and performers with Rodrigo Courtney in his films shown  in Europe and New York.


"Lo invisible" is a dance theatre piece that explores the vital sensations of some determining moments in a person's life. The interpreters play with their physical differences and life experiences to show the duality of this being, enveloping themselves in its contradictions, successes, desires, fears. 

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