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May 31 /Wednesday/, 8:30 pm

Plovdiv Drama Theatre - Chamber Hall

Official Opening

Pappa Mia

Studio M - Romania

The notorious four, Dj Megusta, Puppuccino, Amucino & Pepe, are close friends since childhood and hang out whenever they can. They realize one day that everyday life is just too boring and they seek new adventures elsewhere... 

 Dj Megusta: Judith Balázs

Puppuccino: Zoltán Deák

Amucino: László Szekrényes

Pepe: Attila Veres Nagy 

Choreography: Ferenc Fehér

Assistent of the choregrapher: Ildikó Mándy

Music: Ferenc Fehér 





Choreography: Fehér Ferenc. Since 2013 Fehér  is a recurrent choreographer at Studio M, Pappa Mia being his 5th choreography with the company. 

M Studio 

M Studio was established in 2005 in Sfantu Gheorghe by young actors and dancers, initially functioning as a workshop platform searching for new forms of expressions and possibilities in the art of movement. Since its foundation the company’s prior mission is to promote the genre in the region to engage, inspire, entertain and challenge audiences by its constantly renewing repertoir and unique theatrical language. The company’s style is often described as borderline between contemporary dance, movement and physical theatre creating a fusion-like aesthetics. M Studio’s shows are highly appreciated among international dance and theatre festivals – besides Romanian festivals, the company has been invited to perform during the last 5 years to Hungary, Bulgaria, Croatia, Germany, Serbia, Slovakia, Poland, Iran, The Dominican Republic. 

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