May 27 /Friday/, 8 pm

Plovdiv Cultural Institute

Marco Laudani

Ocram Dance Movement Company - Italy 


with young ballet students from Plovdiv dance studios

Concept and choreography: Marco Laudani 

Co-production: Marco Laudani & The Black Box Festival 

Substrate, in Biological or Ecological terms, is the surface on which an organism lives, grows and depends.   

This fine pellicle of comfort seperates the Known from the Unknown, a serenity zone from a scope of uncertainty. It is a plot of land toward which we are biologicaly bounded and it is hard to break away without drangging a piece. 

We listen to this familiar noise, our steps on the floor, the conscious of this comforting contact allows us to breathe with calmly.

Now, the rhythm of our breathing is changing, heartbeat is increasing and hands are sweating.  We  are over the substrate.

Look up, look at this far land.

Breathe, smile and let the sun embrace you. 

Be strong, be strong, be strong.

Yes I am 

Dancer: Letizia Ferlito 

Concept and choreography: Marco Laudani 


When the brain is like a cell that keeps doubling itself, we tend to believe we could be anyone, even Elvis Presley. Dissociative identity disorder Is a defensive mechanism developed by the brain to protect the person who has suffered some severe trauma  and which can lead to a psychological coma. The result is the development of many "others" who cyclically take control of the individual's behavior.

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ph. Denise Scalia

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Marco Laudani is artistic director and choreographer of Ocram dance movement dance company - Italy.

He collaborated with John Cranko Schule, Stuttgart (director Tadeusz Matacz).

He created " IVAN" for  KAOS Balletto Company, Florence ( 2018)

Marco Laudani was nominated for “The best Choreographer” at the Festival Certamen Coreografico distrito de Tetuan (Madrid), for “AMUNINNI” (2019). 

In 2019 he started an artistic collaboration with “Conservatório Internacional de Ballet e Dança” Annarella Sanchez (Leiria, Portugal). 

He created “Caino e Abele” for Petar Dorcevski (Artistic Director and First Soloist of SNG, Opera in Balet Ljubljana) and Filip Jurič (Dancer at Opera Balet SNG Maribor).

Marco laudani was nominated for artistic director of dancin'bo world connection and site specific award in collaboration with the municipality of Bologna (2021)

As of 2022 he is associate choreographer of the national dance production center Scenario Pubblico (Catania, Italy).

Ocram dance movement company


Ocram dance movement was founded in 2013 by the choreographer Marco Laudani to give voice to  his own artistic language.

Ocram is a world of ideas with the precise objective of narrating different realities and dimensions through the use of dance. It’s a choreographic experiment, a different mechanism of narration, characterized by a never-ending research.  

From 2016 the company’s repertoire is hosted at festivals and theaters in: 

Italy (MarteLive, Miniatures, Vuoti d’aria, Coreografica…mente, Premio Prospettiva Danza Teatro 2020, Florence dance festival 2021), Germany (Festival The Wall Series Vol.2 - Festival SzóloDuó, SoloTanz Theatre Stuttgart), USA (Festival IDACO - sostenuti dal comune di San Giovanni La Punta - CT), Argentina (Festival Sumar), Hungary (Festival SzólóDuó 2019, 2020), Spain (Certamen Coreografico distrito de Tetuan, Maldà en Dansa, Certamen Coreografico Compostela 2021, Certamen Internacional de coreografia Burgos-Nuova York 2021), Portugal (Quinzena de Dança de Almada), Slovenia (Ljubljana Dance Meeting), Turkey (Istanbul Fringe Festival), Greece (Pocket Dance Festival), Mexico (FIDCDMX 2020), Bulgaria (Black Box Festival), Polond (Gdansk Dance Festival 2020 e 2021)

This guest visit is supported by the Italian Cultural Institute in Bulgaria.