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June 7 /Friday/, 7 pm

Plovdiv Drama Theatre - Chamber Hall


Dance-theatre performance co-created by: Natalia Lis & Susana Vilar - Portugal

Two bodies in the space of absurd. Question, answer, provocation. 
Bodies that move as one, in harmony and lightness. Bodies that break the dialog of trust in the pursuit of self-realization. 

Língua dance-theatre performance emerges as an act of manifesto. It is a performative reflection on the importance of non violent communication that explores issues such as intimacy, manipulation, oppression, vulnerability and violence. 

Natalia Lis is a professional performer, choreographer and visual artist studied at Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Warsaw Dance Department and Photography Academy in Poland. 

She works as multidisciplinary artist in the filed of dance, audiovisual practice, painting, literature and creation of music.

Natalia has experience working as a performer in several European countries (Portugal, Spain, Germany, Austria, Poland). Worked as a dancer in Teatro Real National Opera of Spain, as an actress and dancer at El Curro DT Physical Theater & Teatro Pradillo in Madrid. She is currently based in Portugal where she worked with Companhia Olga Roriz, Companhia Lavrar o Mar and Teatro da Targala. She also worked with film directors such as Jota Aronak, Mikaela Guariniello, Horacio Alcala, Miguel Bueno, Pavel Tavares. 


Susana Soares Vilar is a  choreographer and teacher of contemporary dance.

Her academic training includes teaching at the Ginasiano School of Dance, the Bachelor of Arts at the Vienna School of Dance and Music and the Vienna University of the Arts. 

Highlights of her professional career include the collaboration with Madalena Victorino, in "Estação Terminal" at Teatro D. Maria II and "Al Teo Bú"; and the co-creations of "Cor de burro quando foge" premiered at Teatro Aveirense and at Teatro Campo Alegre, "Lá Fora Cá Dentro" in the programming of 23Milhas and "Língua" premiered at Teatro Aveirense. 

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