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June 14 /Friday/, 7 pm

Plovdiv Drama Theatre - Chamber Hall

Official Closing

Double Bill: I have seen that face before / Crisalide

I Vespri - Italy

This guest performance is supported by the Italian Cultural Institute in Bulgaria

I have seen that face before

Choreography / Concept: Giovanni Insaudo

Dancers: Sandra Salietti Aguilera, Hèlias Tur-Dorvault

Camera / Video / Editing: Alfonso Fernandez Sanchez

Costumes and light design: Giovanni Insaudo

Drammaturgy: Giovanni Insaudo & Giulia Menti

Production Manager: Giulia Menti

With the support of: Tanz Labor / Roxy Theater ULM, Twain_Direzioni Altre

I have seen that face before is a deep dive into the performer's inner

world, exploring the delicate moment between the end of a performance, the return of the

dancers and the meeting with the audience. It asks the question: is it really a conclusion, or are

the bows themselves a performance in themselves, an integral part of the performance? Does the

performer have the possibility to detach himself from the performance, or is being observed as an

extension of it?


Choreography, concept, costumes: Giovanni Insaudo

Dancer: Sandra Salietti

Video: Gianfranco Bastianelli


Retreating inside its shell, on itself, isolated from its environment for an indefinite time; reliving

nothing every day. Is something secretly happening? Is an invisible development taking place?

Is something small emerging, whose body only takes wings after countless metamorphoses?

CRISALIDE examines the pupa before it becomes a butterfly and the many parallels with the conceptual

phase of any creative process, as does the uncomfortable but potentially fertile state of a

quarantine: much happens, but you see absolutely nothing!

How can such an invisible metamorphosis, which a butterfly pupa undergoes, be represented on

the body of a dancer?

Giovanni Insaudo is an Italian choreographer who founded an auteur collective in 2020 to explore and develop his own artistic language in the search for his unique stylistic and distinctive identity in movement. Giovanni started choreographing while dancing with various companies, including Dantzaz Konpainia, Balletto dell'Esperia, Gärtnerplatz Theater and Luzerner Theater. He has performed his creations at numerous international choreographic festivals and competitions in countries such as Spain, Poland, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, Greece, Denmark, Israel and others. Over the years, Giovanni has not only created works for his collective, but has also contributed to productions for renowned companies and theatres, including Aterballetto, Konzert und Theater

St.Gallen, Theater Trier, Tanz Luzerner Theater, Gärtnerplatz Theater, Theater Nordhausen, Balletto

dell'Esperia, Dantzaz Konpainia, Nuova Balletto di Toscana, Eko Dance Project, Hung Dance

Taiwan Company and others.

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