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June 2, 7 pm,

Chamber Hall – Plovdiv Drama Theatre


Cie O quel dommage




CREATION AND CONCEPT OF THE SHOW - Céline Pellin, Justine Moreau, Clara Lopez-Casado


INTERPRETATION - Marie Limet, Justine Moreau, Clara Lopez-Casado

SUPPORT TO THE MUSIC CREATION - Marie-Sophie Talbot et Gaspard Herblot

LIGHTS DESIGN - Saïd Zaïour (Théatre des Doms), Régis Masson (C.C.Bruegel)


A funeral fantasy in one act, without words but full of voices.

Three ladies in black who would have done fine without seeing each other, celebrate together, not without difficulty, the funeral of a man of which they are the wife, the ex-wife and the lover. The atmosphere is explosive, the conventions exploded, the competition at its height, the recollection impossible ... A ceremony that sinks and turns into a happy fiasco!

The Cie O quel dommage is a company of visual theater that explores and researches universal languages with the objective of using them to create rhythm and songs, and that also uses the clown and the bouffon as main tools. Since 2009, they have been developing theatrical forms that encourage reflection through laughter, distorting reality in its absurd, comic, dramatic, tender and poetic dimensions.

Their shows are tenderly cruel and cruelly funny, in which we particularly like to make fun of the pain in all its forms, as a way to joyful redirect our look to the slightest social convention.

This guest performance is supported by the Belgian Embassy in Bulgaria.

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