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June 4 /Saturday/, 8 pm

Plovdiv Drama Theatre - Chamber Hall

Rituals of the soul

Dune Dance Company - Bulgaria

Idea and concept: Petya Stoikova
Choreography: Petya Stoikova
Music: Meditative mind, Calming relaxation
 Ivan Nanyov, Katina Dishkov, Radoslav Yordanov, Nedelya Gancheva, Tsvetina Matova, Vladimir Gruev

Costumes: Emeliana Anodonova - Toteva

with the support of Ministry Of Culture - Republic of Bulgaria and Burgas Municipality program for co-financing of cultural projects


What the body is? Whisper, Home, Rhythm that transforms into light? Do we hear? Do we listen? Where the soul lives? My body. Your body.The same river. There is no end There is no end There is no end. The performance focus on deep movement images in search of the connection between mind and body. Experience of meeting and interflow. Body and soul in One.  


Dune Dance Company is an independent contemporary dance troupe from Burgas, Bulgaria, established in 1986. The troupe creates original performances, with the participation of freelance professionals and young performers. Dune Dance company has been developing for more than 20 years Contemporary Dance school in Burgas. The company is the initiator of numerous dance educational projects with international participation, artistic partnerships and develops new audiences of contemporary dance. Company's performances were presented at national and international dance festivals - Free Theater Festival - Sofia, Small Season, Sfumato Theater - Sofia, New Europe Festival - Prague, NoTaFe - Estonia, Antistatic Festival - Sofia, DONUMENTA - Regensburg, Germany, First and Second Balkan Dance Platform - Sofia and Bucharest, "Age of Aquarius" - Burgas, International Festival of Dance Theater "Elias Canetti" - Ruse, International Festival-Competition "Eurodance" - Iasi, Romania, International Festival of Balkan Theater - Sofia and others.

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