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October 18, 7 pm,

Chamber Hall – Plovdiv Drama Theatre

Cracks in the water

Girasol Flamenco 


Choreography and Interpretation: Pepa Sanz, Florencio Campo y José Merino
Music: Frederic Mompou, David Lang, Krishna Levy, George Gershwin y Gotan Project
Dramaturgy and Scenic Advice: Antonia García
Texts Authors: Rosa Montero, Griselda Ramos y Carolina Sanz
Soundscape and Musical Edition : Javier Godino
Lighting Designer: José Bau
Costume Designer: Eva Pedraza
Set Construction: Irene Parra
Images: marcosGpunto
Direction: Pepa Sanz y José Merino

Selected to Premiere in the International Platform of Choreographers of the "27th Quinzena de Dança de Almada", Portugal in October 2019.

Being part of the Mostra Espanha 2019 program, organized by Cultural and Creative Industries, ICC, Acción Cultural Española, AC / E, Embassy of Spain in Portugal and Government of Portugal.



A story with tragicomic overtones told through DANCE, MUSIC and THEATER, which reflects on the eternal dissatisfaction of the individual and the search for other possible lives / worlds.

The search for movements that arise from words, music, concepts, or the language of the body in concrete situations, through daily, natural, spontaneous gestures, in order to tell a "possible story" with tragicomic overtones. The music of FREDERIC MOMPOU is the protagonist; Sublime, intimate and personal, she contributes to compose and narrate the different scenes, with original texts by Carolina Sanz, Griselda Ramos and quotes by Rosa Montero; Sequences with compositions by David Lang and Krishna Levy, as well as sonorous environments created by Javier Godino.

Cracks in the water Spain.jpg

Since 1996, Girasol Flamenco have been producing their own productions and commissions, going through different formats and training names, until in 2001 they began their path as "Girasol Flamenco" under the direction of Pedro Blázquez and Pepa Sanz.
In 2010 a new stage of the Company opened under the co-direction of José Merino and Pepa Sanz, with the institutional support of INAEM, Ministry of Culture of Spain, the Community of Madrid and AECID through the Cultural Office of the Embassy of Spain in Buenos Aires, for different projects. They have realized performances in Spain, Germany, Japan, Argentina and Thailand.

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