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June 15 /Thursday/, 7 pm

Plovdiv Drama Theatre - Chamber Hall

Official Closing

The echo of the moth

Cantiere Artaud Company - Italy 


Director: Ciro Gallorano 

with Davide Arena and Sara Bonci 

Light design: Federico Calzini, Ciro Gallorano

production of Cantiere Artaud Company

Artist Residency: Teatro Comunale di Bucine/Diesis Teatrango;

Teatro Verdi di Monte San Savino/Officine della Cultura;

MiBACT - Regione Umbria - CURA - Centro Teatrale Umbro

Con il sostegno della Regione Toscana - Settore Spettacolo;

del MiBACT e di SIAE, nell’ambito del programma “Per Chi Crea”

Winner Bando Opera Prima 2020

Finalist Direction Under 30 2020

Selected for  In-Box 2020 e 2021

Finalist CrashTest Teatro Festival 2021

Selected for  “Differenti Sensazioni 2021/2022” International Performing Art Season XXXIV Ed

L’eco della falena (The echo of the moth) is a research on time as a memory, happy memory of childhood, traumatic memory, which becomes absence and lack, a time that flows and takes away loved ones, that cares and ages the body, which turns actions into habit, a time that we would like to possess with violence, manage, but that slips from hands and is often afraid of the future as unknown. Waiting figures, inspired by the life and works of Virginia Woolf, materialize on stage.

A woman leads us through her bedroom, representing her inner world. At the back of the room two large closed doors are representing the future, a suspended space-time that invites us to imagine what is beyond. The woman is unable to open them, perhaps for fear of what she does not know, but the doors will open to bring to light the memory. 


Cantiere Artaud Company - Italy 


CANTIERE ARTAUD is a theatre research company founded in Arezzo in 2016 by Sara Bonci and Ciro Gallorano.

Since 2020 it has been recognized by the Tuscany Region as a  company for drama and prose formation.

Cantiere Artaud aims to be a place for the rediscovery of archetypes and of cathartic values, according to the idea that the truth resides in the symbolism and in the ritual, evokes an atmosphere what make the viewer identify with a gesture, a word, a music, or a noise.

The spectator is asked to let himself be led into a labyrinth made of magnetic silence and shadows, primordial sounds and small gestures that bring a poetic quality.

This guest visit is supported by the Italian Cultural Institute in Bulgaria.

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