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July 13, 7 pm, Chamber Hall – Plovdiv Drama Theatre

Italy in focus

The Blue Hour


Choreography by Giorgio Azzone
Dancers: Kevin Regonesi & Viola Vicini
Music by Olafur Arnalds, Johan Johannson, Mari Samuelsen

The Blue Hour is that moment of the day when the night meets the morning. It is the moment when the nature have a rest after a long day and gets ready to start a new one, a new journey.
Is the moment when everything stops for few seconds to end a phase of our life and start a
new one. Like in nature, also human being lives these moments when we find the strength to take
decisions, based on the past and on our experiences, and start a new chapter in our life. In
this moment of transition a flow of different emotions go through our body, and we have the
choice to continue to follow these feelings or just let them go forever. The performance sees two dancers connected together by a fictitious balance that will broke and create a status of chaos and confusion.

Founded in 2018 by the Choreographer Giorgio Azzone, this contemporary dance company is made by young Italian professional dancers coming from very different backgrounds.
After making different productions for other companies, Giorgio Azzone received an invitation to create a new production with the support of the Italian Art Council, so he started working on his own first production “THE BLUE HOUR”. After touring this duet in different venues and festivals around Italy such as “In Mare Festival” (Camogli), “Più Che Danza Festival” (Milan), “SUQ Festival” (Genova), “Dance Fabrica” (Prato), in September 2019 the company made its first triple bill performance at Teatro Martinitt in Milan presenting three different pieces for five dancers made by Giorgio Azzone.
The aim of the Company is to create high quality contemporary dance performances that can be appreciated and understood by wide range of public.


This guest performance is supported by the Italian Cultural Institute in Bulgaria.

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