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July 4, 7 pm,

Chamber Hall – Plovdiv Drama Theatre

Italy in focus

Double Bill


Ocram Dance Movement

Concept and Choreography: Claudio Scalia

Artistic Director: Marco Laudani

Dancers: Rachele Pascale, Andrea Bruno, Claudio Scalia

Credits Music: Jaap Blonk, Armand Amar, Nikolaj Bjerre


In every love, from parent's love, partner's love, friend's love , home's love, there is a form of possession that stops our growth and forces our identity to be constituted only within that enclosure, fidelity that we must not betray. But every fidelity that does not know betrayal or even hypothesizes the possibility of it, has too much fear of living with our own strength.


Once again the nature 'raises its voice' against the man who considers himself the absolute owner of this place where he is just a temporary guest, it rebels against the abuse of its own resources and against the pollution of its soul. 


AFRICA represents a last chance of re -flowering for our agonizing planet and reminds us that the life of the Universe is a perpetual cycle to be respected. 

Ocram dance movement was founded in 2013 by the choreographer Marco Laudani, who needed to give voice and express his own artistic language.

Ocram is a world of ideas with the precise objective of narrating different realities and 

dimensions through the use of dance.

From 2016 the company's repertoire is hosted at festivals and theaters in Italy (MarteLive, Miniatures, Vuoti d'aria, Coreografica...mente, Axis International...), Germany (Festival The Wall Series), USA (Festival IDACO), Argentina (Festival Sumar), Hungary (Festival SzólóDuó), Spain (Certamen Coreografico distrito de Tetuan, Maldà en Dansa), Portugal (Quinzena de Dança de Almada), Slovenia (Ljubljana Dance Meeting), Turkey (Istanbul Fringe Festival), Greece (Pocket Dance Festival).


This guest performance is supported by the Italian Cultural Institute in Bulgaria.

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