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9th  the Black Box International Theatre and Dance Festival 


The 9th annual Black Box International Theatre and Dance Festival was held from May 31 to June 6, 2015, in Plovdiv. The seven-day festival featured 16 international and Bulgarian works in the fields of theatre and contemporary dance, as well as concerts and dance seminars. The festival's partners are the Bulgarian Ministry of Culture, Municipality of Plovdiv, Embassy of Israel, U.S. Embassy, Embassy of Belgium, Austrian Embassy, Italian Cultural Institute, Polish Institute, Hungarian Cultural Institute, Boris Hristov Cultural Centre, Plovdiv Drama Theatre and Trakart Cultural Centre.


May 31

Earth (dance solo)

Tales in Black and White (video Installation)

Andrea Hackl



This guest performance is supported by the Austrian Embassy in Bulgaria.

Earth is a surrender to one energy flow. Earth is a celebration of life. Earth is one ongoing prayer.

“Tales in Black and White” investigates the subject of duality and archetypal forces, our shadows and desires.

Video installation – concept + production: Andrea Hackl

Soundscape: Andy Keep


May 31

How I Managed Not to Flatten My Husband 

Les Gens du Quai Company


Choreographer: Anne Lopez

Music creator: François Lopez

Performers: Silvia Di Rienzo, Eloise Deschemin, Alessandro Sabatini, Anne Lopez, Samuel Dutertre and François Lopez

The topic of the performance is freely inspired from Dostoyevsky’s Another Man’s Wife and a Husband under the Bed. The couple turned inside and out! In a few movements, even fewer words and with joyful energy, the artists unravel the thread of our desires, caricature our cowardice and our passionate surges, and give pride of place to our hearts’ inclination for eternal love. 

LES GENS DU QUAI Company always stays true to their sense of humour. Choreographer Anne Lopez is based in Montpellier. In 1998, she set up the Les gens du quai dance company with Sophie Gérard and François Lopez. Within it, she has created many choreographed shows, including Meeting (1998), L’invité (1999), Ecoute Oenone (1999), Révoltes (2000), De l’autre (2001), Litanies (2002), De l’avant invariablement (2004), Face à vous (2005), Idiots Mais Rusés (2007), Miss Univers (2007), La Menace (2008), Duel (2009), and Feu à Volonté (2011). In June 2004, she received the SACD New Choreographic Talent Award for the play De l’avant invariablement (dance/web/Europe project).


June 2

Contemporary Dance Program


Ferenc Fehér


This guest performance is supported by the Hungarian Cultural Institute in Bulgaria.

“This illusory story is performed by this one-hour grotesque, which is at least as mischievous, playful, witty and keenly humorous, as it is dark, painful and cruel. In particular, it’s courageous. The monodance mixed with the puppet show reminded me of the state of being when a preschooler dreams about an imaginary friend. This buddy – be it an invisible creature or a doll, plush toy, etc. – is not only a comforter and a comrade, but also a demonic alter ego. That’s the dark side of the kid’s personality, the one who controls, manipulates, and commands. It’s addictive.

The internationally renowned choreographer is the leading performer on the contemporary national dance scene, whose original genius is hard to get used to. It’s startling, shocking, and upsetting. Not only because of his unrelenting, reserved, honest and very direct personality eschewing all routine, but also thanks to the closed, isolated and lonely cosmos into which he plunges the spectator.” - Horeczky Krisztina, Népszabadság / Budapest

Performer: Ferenc Fehér

Music: Ferenc Fehér (Inspired by René Aubry)

Lighting designer: Dávid Kovácsovics

Costumes: Judit Simon

Professional consultant: Judit Simon

Choreography: Ferenc Fehér

Veszprém, Hungary – 16th Contemporary Dance Festival, Main Award


May 31 


Jordi L. Vidal Company


This guest performance is supported by the Belgian Embassy in Bulgaria.

Actor, diabolo, beat box: Gaspard Herblot

Dancer, actor, acrobatics: Anthony Lefebvre

Concept, direction, choreography and sound: Jordi L. Vidal

Costumes, accessories, set: France Lamboray

Light, sound and video creation and technician: Christophe Lecoq

Photography and graphic design: Bastien Ranschaert / Spictacle

Sound adviser: Nicolas Othmezouri

Acrobatics, juggling, beat box and physical theatre for all kinds of audiences

An original performance combining acrobatics, juggling and beat boxing.

Two rogue traders are on the run after embezzling funds ...

It’s a fast-paced, madcap show that talks about money in a humorous, musical and visual way.


June 2 & 4

Contemporary Dance Program

Triple Bill:

Ivonice/ Untitled/ The secret of life is to fall seven times & get up eight 

iMEE Dance Company




This guest performance is supported by the U.S. Embassy in Bulgaria.

“Through the innovative collaboration of artistic mediums, the artists of iMEE (infinite Movement Ever Evolving) remind us that violins can dance, sculptures can breathe, and dancers can speak.” – Erin Smith, CASA Magazine, Santa Barbara, CA.

Dancers: Spencer Gavin Hering, Cristian Laverde Koenig, Andrea Dawn Shelley, Brit Wallis

iMEE Company was co-founded in April 2009 by nationally acclaimed dancers and choreographers, Spencer Gavin Hering and Andrea Dawn Shelley. iMEE incorporates a range of visual and performing artists in original works through multi-disciplined collaborations with dance organizations in regions of Texas, Southern Florida, Southern California, Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Italy.

iMEE presents a diverse collection of iMEE Co-Director, Andrea Dawn Shelley’s choreographic work. This body of work will demonstrate the company’s flair for dramatic story telling as two of Shelley’s most acclaimed duets, alongside a premiere work created by Shelley & iMEE Co-Director, Spencer Gavin Hering will be presented. Directors will present their second collaborative work which will premiere at the black box IFTD 2015. 


June 2

Birds Never Sleep

PTAH Theatre 


Coach: Virág Dezső (HU), Ide Van Heiningen (NL)

Music: Agnes Domonkos, Mykola Bondarchuk

The story unfolds from a suitcase, which is travelling through different worlds bringing new challenges into the life of the man and woman. There are lots of boundaries in human relationships, especially when people are separated by an actual war and there’s nothing left but hope: waiting and waiting and fighting against an enemy or our own nightmares. Simultaneous actions by the man and woman play out in separate worlds. The only thing that keeps them alive is the power of love, the bird that brings the message at the last moment.

The piece was inspired by the personal and social interests and dilemmas of the performers vis-à-vis the conflict in Ukraine. The performance is dedicated to the victims of the fighting.

Devised and performed by: Agnes Domonkos (HU) and Mykola Bondarchuk (UA)


June 3

Why I Killed My Mother

Dor Zweigenbom 



June 4

Contemporary Dance Program

The Perfect World

Solo by Bartech Woszczynski


This guest performance is supported by the Embassy of Israel in Bulgaria.

This guest performance is supported by the Polish Institute in Bulgaria.

Winner of the 2014 Teatroneto one-man show festival – Israel.

Using an array of theatrical genres – pantomime, puppetry, singing and physical theatre – Dor Zweigenbom reveals his funny and tragic relationship with his mother. Having to deal with her alcoholism and his stepfather’s violence toward him as a child, Dor finds a safe haven onstage. Las Vegas, Israel, Seattle, and Germany all come to life in this colourful, crazy and touching story.

Dor Zweigenbom is an accomplished actor, director and writer in Israel. He has worked in all the major theatres in Israel, in TV shows, as well as film.

The Perfect World was awarded first prize at the International Solo Dance Contest in Gdansk, Poland.

The issue of alcohol abuse may be well known in our society but it is often ignored. Solo presents a monologue of a child struggling with memories of his deceased alcoholic father.

Bartek Woszczynski is a graduate of the famed Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance, London. His works have already been performed in the UK, Poland, Japan, US, Canada and Belarus. Bartek has also created works for several companies, including Alternatywny Teatr Tanca‚ LUZ’ and Warsaw Ballet.


June 4

Contemporary Dance Program


Mihaela Griveva



June 5


Theatre Hand


Choreographer: Mihaela Griveva

Vera Molova
Elena Angelova
Kristina Veselinova
Stephanie Handjiiska

Andrey Velkov
Stoil Ivanov

The performance was created with the support of Derida Dance Centre Residence Programme.

A slipstream is a region behind a moving object in which a wake of fluid is moving at velocities comparable to the moving object. Inspired by the phenomenon slipstream, choreographer Mihaela Griveva applies its principle to human relationships. With original music composed and performed live alongside outstanding dancers, “Slipstream” promises a moving and compelling experience.

Mihaela Griveva acquires a masters degree in Contemporary Dance Performance form the Irish World Academy of Music and Dance. Studying with Ohad Naharin, Martin Kilvadi, Keren Rosenberg and David Zambrano further expanded her development as an artist. Mihaela’s choreography evolves from a dynamic physical and intellectual exploration inspired by the dancers and artists she works with. She has been involved in projects with Nigel Rolf, Christian Ubl, Eric Kupers, Sydney Freedman, and John O’Brian among others.


Author: Michel de Ghlederode
Director: Veselin Boydev
Photographer: Ivan Donchev
Composer: Petar Tsankov
Scenography and puppets: Iva Gikova
Scenography and puppets: Ivaylo Nikolov
Participants: Dimitar Nikolov, Dobrin Dobrev-Dodo, Maria Dimitrova, Ivaylo Ivanov


Staging Escurial by Michel de Ghlederode (the Belgian Shakespeare, no less) is a sizable challenge indeed. But this production succeeds in preserving the grace and delicacy of the language in an unabridged adaptation, seamlessly marrying puppetry with live acting.

Awarded best stage design and puppets at the 2014 Three Are Too Many – Two Not Enough Festival in Plovdiv.

Winner of the Netherland Jury’s Award for best stage performance at the same festival.


June 5


Naturalis Labor Company



June 6

Other Side

by Dejan Dukovski

Lydia Lithos Dance Theatre  Greece

Director and choreographer: Fenia Apostolou
Dimosthenis Eleftheriadis (Laki)
Virginia Tamparopoulou (Lily)
Panagiotis Bratakos (Tricky)
Maria Apostolakea(Mala)
Kostis Tsiamagkas(Picchonio)
Andriani Theodoropoulou (Mala)
Translator: Gaga Rosic
Music: Manos Antoniadis
Sets and special constructions: Tonia Avdelopoulou
Costumes: Zoi Molivda – Fameli
Lighting designer: Tasos Sklavounos
Video Art – Photography: Chris Tourlakis
Assistant director: Stavros Ragias
Assistant choreographer: Galini Gyrtatou
Producer: Lydia Lithos Dancetheatre & Vault Plus Theatre

In the midst of the ruins of a country that no longer has a name, four people who escaped death run quickly to catch up with life, which winks in every corner and eludes them again. The war has left its mark on them. Police car sirens remind them that their once beautiful country has turned into a police state where everyone is armed and ready to kill or be killed. But despite it all, in the middle of all this misfortune, when even time bleeds heavily, a slightly darker fairy tale unfolds to prove that the human journey in search of light can never stop. It’s a play about human dreams and the passionate struggle of people to love and be loved while trapped in a demolished country.

Born in Skopje in 1969, Dejan Dukovski is one of the foremost contemporary playwrights in the Republic of Macedonia. Under the guidance of playwright Goran Stefanovski, Dukovski graduated in dramaturgy from the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Skopje. He has also written many film and television screenplays.

Without exception, all of Dukovski’s plays have been huge successes. His works have been performed on 35 stages in 21 countries worldwide (including Slovenia, Romania, Serbia, Denmark, Croatia, Japan, Bulgaria, Greece, Netherlands, Germany, USA, Hungary, Turkey, Russia and Poland).

This guest performance is supported by the Italian Cultural Institute in Bulgaria.

Created and performed by Silvia Bertoncelli, Chiara Guglielmi and Paolo Ottoboni

Directed by Silvia Bertoncelli

Stage set: Antonio Panzuto

Costumes: Lucia Lapolla

Original soundtracks: Paolo Ottoboni

A Naturalis Labor Production, in association with MIBAC/ Regione Veneto/ Arco Danza/ Provincia di Vicenza/ Comune di Vicenza

Down in the dark basement of three alchemists gathered around a map, fate decreed that the new world would be that of the sea: the world of Naveneva. That’s how three shipmates begin their mysterious seafaring adventure. What route is the Captain following?

Similar to a doggerel, Naveneva seeks to enchant and immerse spectators in an imaginary adventure-filled journey across the seas.

Naturalis Labor Company was founded in 1988 by Luciano Padovani and Francesca Mosele. With the performance Taigà (1988), it won first prize at the Cagliari International Choreography Competition. The company constantly explores the fields of contemporary dance, tango and new artistic languages. It carries out unique performances and events in tandem with major artistic and cultural organizations such as Teatro Olimpico of Vicenza, Festival Oriente Occidente, Operaestate Festival, AbanoDanza, Pergine Spettacolo Aperto, Festival d’Autunno, Segni Barocchi, Concerti in Villa, touring throughout Italy and Europe. The Company is well known and supported by the Italian Ministry of Culture, Regione Veneto, Provincia di Vicenza, Comune di Vicenza. Comune di Comacchio and Arco Danza.

Accompanying events


June 1

World Wide Violin

Frédéric Tari 

with François Lopez

Part 1: Solo acoustic violin

Part 2: Acoustic violin and electric guitar

Improvisation, world music and contemporary art

Trakart Cultural Centre in the Archeological Underpass 


June 4

Program – Plovdiv in Focus

So Close – Duende Dance Studio 

Apathy – Denitsa Gerginkova/ Pantarey Studio

Loneliness – Boryana Tеngulova 

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