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June 8, 7 pm,

Chamber Hall – Plovdiv Drama Theatre


Three – a search for aspiration


Production of Plovdiv Drama Theatre


Choreography and direction: Mariana Yotova

Participants: Mariana Yotova, Nikolay Dogramadzhiev, Dimitar Banchev.

Music: Stamen Yanev, Nika Lyubetskaya, Mariana Yotova

Set design: Kostadin Nenov

Costumes: Nadezhda Sizova, Natalia Zhivkova

Multimedia: Georgi Nikolov

"Three ... is a show for the search for aspiration"

Three ... is a unity between theater and dance.

Three ... is man's path to self-knowledge.

Three ... is a metamorphosis.

Three ... is a mystical child.

"Three – a search for aspiration"- the true path leading to self-knowledge. A path that passes through the inner and outer world, similarly expressed through the conscious and unconscious dimension of human mind. The process of self-knowledge goes through both challenges of the internal conflicts of the soul and the trials of communication with the other. Consciousness and wisdom are the most faithful guides in the great challenge leading man to wholeness and enlightenment.

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