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June 6 (Тhursday), 7 pm,

Chamber Hall – Plovdiv Drama Theatre



boys will be boys

M Studio



Performers: Deák Zoltán, Szekrényes László, Veres Nagy Attila

Choreographer: Fehér Ferenc

Music: Fehér Ferenc

Light technician: Szabó Huba

Sound technician: Chirițescu György

Wardrobe assistant: Both Melinda

Technical director: Bartók Enikő

Prize for best direction. - ALEF International Theatre Festival - Tabriz (Iran)

Nomination for best choreography and best music. - 37th Fadjr International Theatre Festival – Tehran (Iran)

Presented at: Interethnic Theatre Festival - Odorheiu Secuiesc (Romania), FestIn pe Bulevard International Theatre Festival - Bucharest (Romania), Thealter International Festival - Szeged (Hungary), ALEF International Theatre Festival - Tabriz (Iran), 37th Fadjr International Theatre Festival – Tehran (Iran)

The elevator is a narrow space where people get on and off, going up and down without getting in touch with each other. The elevator is always on the move. But if suddenly it gets stuck on the way, anything can happen.

Elevator explores the possibilities of a small, tight space and creates a dynamic and intense atmosphere for the three performers.

Ferenc Fehér is an independent and defining figure in the Hungarian dance theatre scene, his works being appreciated worldwide at international dance and theatre festivals. His unmistakable aesthetics and suggestive style originates from the combination of freestyle dance, animal-like and martial arts movements. From 2013 is recurrent choreographer at Studio M.

Studio M was established in 2005 in Sfântu Gheorghe as an experimental movement theatre company that speaks about the world in a specific language born from the fluctuation between physical theatre, contemporary dance, visuality, respectively poetic and dramatic theatre. The company is continuously searching for new ways of expression.

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