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June 4 (Tuesday), 8 pm, Theatre A’part



Goršecke Narodnie Akademične Teatr - Czech Republic


Director: William Valerián

Concept & interpretation: Šimon Pliska, Andrej Lyga

Music: William Valerián

Masks: Rufina Bazlová, Viktorie Drdová

Production: Andrea Vykysalá

Supervision: Roman Horák

Supported by: HAMU, Alfred ve dvoře, divadlo DISK

Performance which tells the story of two brothers from mythological Goršek’s plateau. Goršek is a play for two actors and two masks. It develops within space of a single room a tragicomedy full of love and hate, cruelty, friendship and cabin fever.

The authors process themes of Slavic culture, existential literature and absurd drama of 2nd half of 20th century (Jean-Paul Sartre, Samuel Beckett). They aim to observe behavior of human psyche in extreme situations of long-lasting isolation from the society.

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